Thursday, 4 August 2016

Driving home

Driving home
he would never drive-by
the fast-food drive-in
the one on the hill
where he'd have to swing off
the west coast highway
the undulant sea far below
without stopping
and buying a bumper box
and a shake
which he'd tackle on top
of the hill
watching the sky
turn the colour of ketchup.

Then he'd flash his lighter
which always worked
and inhale
and take in the sight of the stars.

He died of a short but enjoyable
meal. He was buried at sea. Age 63.

The bottom line is we are all what we eat. Who talks of mad cow disease today? Who talks of the millions of cows sent to the pyre? Who is interested in why those cows were fed on the bones and nerves of ground up sheep or whatever it was in those feed sacks that were laced with growth hormone, antibiotics, and god knows what else.

By the way, cows are vegetarians. A fact overlooked by the junk food industry.

If you want to keep eating junk food don't let me put you off. The average life expectancy of a meat eater in America was 63 last time I looked. When I say meat eater I use the term in its widest sense. You could hardly class some of those genetically modified processed products containing antibiotics, growth hormones, flavor enhancers, aroma enhancers, preservatives and other nasties as meat in  the real sense of the word.

My health tip:

Burger off! That's the first step to better health for you and also for the cow.


  1. Oh, I'm safe then; I'm not eating ;)
    Greetings Maria x

    1. In Italy they know how to eat. No danger of being thrown to the fast food sharks there. Yes, barring TTIP sneaking in via the EU back door we should be reasonably OK for the foreseeable future.

  2. I - almost - eat only things that give life force and earn the name "Lebensmittel".

    1. I try and do the same. Lebensmittel as opposed to Gammelfleisch. Very wise. You will live longer and enjoy good health.

  3. I do think of these things that you mention everyday.

    1. There will never be peace in the world until we change our ways. We can begin by giving the cows, pigs and poultry a fair deal.


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