Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sons of Men

The first miracle was performed at a wedding reception. 

The guests having polished off the wine were calling for more.   

The Son of Man duly performed the famous miracle and those who wanted to do so were pleased to have the chance to drink themselves under the table. 

Why didn't the Son of Man tell the guests to drink a non-alcoholic beverage?

Throughout history there have been holy and unholy alcoholics and drunkards of all ranks. I see no reason for anyone, let alone the Son of Man, to encourage it. 

There should be no need to mention the fact that wine was served at the Last Supper. But unfortunately there is. 

One follower overflowing with Dutch courage took a sword to a Roman soldier, and sliced off his ear.  The Son of Man performed his final miracle and stuck it back on. 

God only knows what else went on . . . 

Ernesto Galeffi's 1985 bronze is a 3-D bust of the famous image found on the so-called Shroud of Turin, the linen cloth in which the body of the Son of Man, a name Jesus liked to give himself, was supposedly wrapped. 

Whatever our faith, or even if we have no faith, we are all Sons of Men, are we not? 


  1. The Mac, the Ab, the Bar, the Van, the Von, the Da, De, Di and Du... are "sons of" :)
    Greetings Maria x

  2. I share your view of sons & daughters of men & women - but I like once in a while (and in moderation) a glass of wine. Without falling under the table :-)

    1. Me too Brigitta. We sometimes turn wine, or beer, into water you might say :/)


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