Thursday, 15 September 2016

But the Sea Sponge* knew it not

17.5 Billion Years BCE 

And God created Heaven.

4.5 Billion Years BCE 

And God created Earth. 

600 Million Years years BCE 

And God created the Sea Sponge. 

     But the Sea Sponge knew it not.

The Sea Sponge had no Eyes to see

And no Ears to hear

No Voice to Speak

And no need of knees. 

Nevertheless,  the Sea Sponges 

Were blessed 

And their Numbers 

Increased and multiplied. 

     5,000 Tribes

And none of them into Religion.

                       All of them Lost 

God's Instruction Manual
This One in German 

*Sea Sponge: 
The first animal to appear on Earth.


  1. A couple of my 'sponge' poems, hopefully with a more humorous slant, are available to read via blog search box: "Reaching for the Sponge" and "Orange Ball Sponge".

  2. Man will eventually become an embarrassment to himself I think is what Nietzsche said.

    1. Sounds like something he'd say. He was a man ahead of his time.

      On the news they just spoke to a man who was shocked to discover 72 freshly severed sheeps heads in a field in Austria - the animals had been slaughtered in this manner for a religious festival according to the report.

      Truly we are an embarrassment to ourselves. Hardly a day goes by when we are not.

  3. I like your heading photo, Gwil; even the sky seems to have a border!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Thanks. It was taken in so-called Mysterious Waldviertel which is an area with lots of trees. You can just see the tops of them. Ciao!

  4. Polar laughs... as they watch life's drift beyond the world's reddening face of embarrassment.

    1. What did Neanderthals have for religion? Whatever it was it didn't do them much good as far as I can make out.

      Maybe they all went someplace? Or maybe God saved up all his religions just for us Cro Magnons?


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