Saturday, 1 October 2016

Is the sky sick?

                 Yesterday it was announced on the Servus TV Weather Programme that September 2016 was the warmest September for much of Austria of all time.

Officially of all time applies only to the 250 years since records of daily temperatures have been kept in Austria.

Austrians know  of all time  is far longer than than a mere 250 years. Maybe it's many thousands of years. The evidence of the country's  retreating glaciers indicates a very long time.

Many theories have been put forward for climate change.

Reasons I have not heard discussed are the effects of wars, bombs and aircraft on climate.

Before 2016 the previous hottest September in Austria occurred in 1947.

The number of planes flying around this part of the world is phenomenal.

What happens to the jet fuel released into the sky prior to landing?

Is the sky getting sick?

Or was it always like this?  And maybe I just didn't notice.

The photos have been enhanced to highlight the clouds and their various colours as seen from below.

Atmospheric CO2 at Mauna Loa Observatory is now 401 parts per million. The last time the CO2 level was over 400 ppm was 15,000,000 years ago.


  1. Interesting thoughts, Gwil - aircraft definitely acts a part in my opinion. (Also, very strange: I can tell before they publish that another atomic bomb was unlit - my thyroid always can tell - though I never have any problems with it otherwise at any time).

    1. Brigitta thanks. And very interesting what you say about your thyroid. We are sensitive organisms. I just photographed two vapour(?) trails and they were still there after an hour. Meanwhile newer vapour trails in the same bit of sky had come and gone. Maybe all vapour is not all vapour? The other day I read in the paper that passengers on a flight here had breathed in fumes from a plane engine that had got into the cabin for 20 minutes. How can that happen?

    2. Maybe your thyroid is on the mark. Today's earthquake a 5.4 or thereabouts at depth 10 kms centered within 50 kms of the line of control in Kashmir. Strange and unlikely(?) coincidence(?) considering what's going on, and that India evacuated thousands of people from the dividing line area.


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