Thursday, 22 March 2018

Report on 'A Welsh Grammar'

Report on 'A Welsh Grammar' is  my International Poetry Day contribution.

"The use of a recent Welsh-English Dictionary with this handbook is recommended" - S. J. Williams

Seeking the names of the four winds
in the points of the compass I came
to springs and streams on tops of hills
trickling amongst huge rocks and a bright sky.

Below I saw a new village being built
and an old house being pulled down.
A man was selling his land
and another man was catching fish.

Later I learned the names of trees
mountains rivers and streams
where people lived and washed their clothes.
Eating their food I heard the merry cuckoo.

The wood was dressed in leaves and
in gardens girls picked bouquets of lavender
lilies, red roses and stinging nettles.

A wheat-reaping party worked in a field.


(Genteel Messages - Poetry Monthly Press

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