Thursday, 27 March 2008

Four haiku from Zen Speug

Poet-in-Residence is pleased to feature another small selection of haiku from the ever-growing Zen Speug archives (quick P-i-R link at left). The haiku are published with kind permission of Edinburgh's talented haikuist John McDonald and displayed here with their English translations. In Poet-in-Residence's humble opinion the first and last are well worth a longish linger.

simmer shows -
the attercap biggs
his hoose o dreid

summer fairground -
the spider builds
his house of horror

the cailleach
an the burn thair ain slaw raik

the old lady
and the stream their own slow pace

cadger an's dug -
his dowie sang
follaes me hame

beggar and his dog -
his sad song
follows me home

yill bottle taps skailt -
he hunkers
refleckin on the galaxy

beer bottle tops scattered -
he sits
musing on the galaxy

c) - John McDonald (2008)


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