Thursday, 27 March 2008

R K Singh recalls Garcia Lorca

There's a poem where Garcia Lorca famously gives himself, his poetry and possibly his handgun to some wanton gypsy woman. Poet-in-Residence was reminded of this poem when browsing, in all places, through Indian poet R K Singh's exotic archives. R K Singh is a regular and generous contributor to the Poet-in-Residence blogspot and the following is published with his kind permission.

Body: a Bliss

'To see you naked
is to recall the Earth'
says Garcia Lorca

it's no sin to love
strip naked in bed, kitchen
or prayer room

the bodies don't shine
all the time nor passion
wildly overflows

but when we have time
we must remember the parts
arouse the dead flesh

rub raw with desire
peeling wet layers through light
sound, senses and taste

play the seasons:
the thirst is ever new
and blissful too

to recreate
the body, a temple
and a prayer.

c)- R K Singh (2008)

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  1. pThanks Gwilym for choosing this poem for P-i-R. I really like to read it again and again.
    R K


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