Saturday, 17 May 2008

A kind of poetry ambassador...but what's that?

Poet-in-Residence has recently been informed by the world's no.1 poetry website, a website boasting a membership of 6,000,000 poets, that he has been elevated to the status or rank of 'poetry ambassador'. This follows hard on the heels of the recent ILP bronze medal award. What duties, if any, this impressive bardic position will hold for P-i-R is less than clear.
As usual with these things, P-i-R declines to part with any of his hard, yes hard, earned lucre and awaits further communications from vanity poetry hq. Watch this space as the Martian said to the UFOlogist.

NEWSFLASH - Poet-in-Residence has taken his impressive new title of poetry ambassador at face value and duly opened an haiku blogspot titled THE POETRY AMBASSADOR - simply click on 'THE POETRY AMBASSADOR' in P-i-R's left sidebar!

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  1. The Poetry Ambassador page is page closed. It was all too much!


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