Sunday, 18 May 2008

P-i-R's (imaginary!) South Sea Cruise

South Sea Cruise

somewhere the shelf breaks and tumbles
like a scoop of croutons
tossed into a bowl of borsch
the women suck on strawberries
in slowest motion
reluctant to separate
at first
the great blue blocks
stir and slip away
and sip their gins and tonics
blue gold drifts apart
to wander free
to melt
in salty soup of sea
tip the friendly waiter
pepper clouds have clumped
and it begins to rain
and blow
on shore beyond the harbour
flush and wash their hands
where husbands play a round
of golf
glare at the sky
and shrug
and frown,-
and back on board
the band smooths on...

c)-2008 Gwilym Williams


  1. enjoyed this: the band smooths on - love it

  2. thanks john!

    inspired by your zen speug i've just opened my own haiku page - 'the poetry ambassador' (click on link to go there)



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