Monday, 22 December 2008

haiku moments (10)

At dusk the pigs are always sent into their hut which is then securely locked. There are foxes in the area. These often get into the park by scurrying under the perimeter fence at strategic points. It's quite a task for the staff to monitor the entrances and exits. This evening the pigs were already in bed when the poet called.

pigs' hut
the door locked;
their smell lingers in the pen

It happened that there was another haiku waiting along the path; perhaps a kind of poetic compensation for missing the porky duo. Who knows?

reeds whisper
at the darkling pond;
the lamplight is broken


  1. Love the haiku - do you often get haiku moments?
    If there are foxes in the area you need a hunt coming round churning the ground up!! (more men than ladies in our local hunt, I am afraid.) Best wishes for Christmas.

  2. And best wishes to you Weaver and all your farmyard friends. Many "haiku moments"? One or two a day, normally when I'm running. It's that moment that stops you in your tracks and makes you look at the world's minutae and what it all means, at least that's my slant on haiku. The pond for example, the lights reflecting on the black water, the noise of the wind in the reeds, the quack of an unseen duck. Things that some people take for granted. Or don't even notice.

  3. Have visited again to say that your hunting comment on my blog has had me laughing every bit of today - going round the market, making stuffing - putting up cards - all has been made bearable by your VERY funny comment on hunting. Watch the stirrup cup this Christmas - don't overdo it!

  4. Having come from George Szirtes's blog, and finding your for the first time, I need to return to explore further at greater leisure, but already I am impressed.

  5. John, I may have time for one more visit to the pigs this year; just to wish the porky pals a happy hog-manay, and you too in Edinburgh.
    Weaver, Glad you enjoyed my tally-ho impression. Think of it as a Christmas cracker.
    Dave, Many thanks for your lovely comments. They are much appreciated. It goes without saying that the Magyar Metaphorist's friends and fellow bloggers are more than welcome here.

  6. I enjoyed reading this, I currently work in an offce based on a farm so I'm getting familiar with pigs...

  7. Happy New Year Crafty, the porkers are of the Vietnamese pot-belly variety, and I hope they didn't end up in the pot over the so-called festive season, or the silent season as it's sometimes called in German speaking areas. I'll be checking in the next day or two to see if they're still knocking about. Hope you're enjoying yours.


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