Sunday, 21 December 2008

Impressions on the run

Dusk Run

A man in drab green overalls
dismounted a moped
and locked the park gate;
locked me out
and locked the pigs in.
And so
I run along the outside
of the perimeter fence
and gain the path
that runs up the hill
and goes through the crow-filled
tall trees
that sway
and knock together
under the slate-blue sky
with its tangerine horizon
and its one sapphire star
that gleams on high
above stringy wooden hands
that clap
for the high wind
that rushes about overhead
like some deity's
invisible train set.


  1. I love the "crow-filled" sky and also the wind which sounds like a "train-set". There is some super imagery in this poem - I wish I had written it.
    Happy Christmas to you.

  2. Perhaps I was 'unconciously inspired', if that's the right expression, by Wordsworth's poem below, with its references to Triton's horn etc.; that is the deity and noise of wind and waves.

  3. great stuff Gwilym may you and yours have a joyous and wonderful Christmas

  4. Thank you John and a wonderful festive season and hogmanay to you and all the clans up there in bonnie bonnie Scotland.

  5. I enjoyed this - especially the clapping hands and the train set.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Thank you Dominic. A Merry Christmas to you too.


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