Thursday, 11 December 2008

Neil McCarthy, poetry at the Inspektion

Last night the Irish monologue poet Neil McCarthy was in blarney good form in the Inspektion cellar bar on, or under, Theobaldgasse, a dark red and black lit nicotine filled dungeon with vinyl seating and a corner of bread snacks only a cheery beery wave and swerve away from the bright lights of Vienna's Cafe Kafka, the home of Labyrinth Poets, where Poet-in-Residence first met him. McCarthy was passing through with a couple of his musical friends. They were on the way to Prague. They were on the way from Budapest. And on the way they deserve to be.
McCarthy's friends were Niall Connolly, winner of the best Irish cd of 2007 award, and David Rynhart whose cd A Simple Life, recorded live at Coal Creek Coffee and Books on April 19th 2008, this blogging bard was bestirred to buy. The cd's inset tells that Rynhart plays a secret mysterious guitar found in 1940 in Beethoven's coffin and uses strings made from dinosaur intestines and woolly mammoth teeth fossils.
All three of these wandering minstrel characters, now on their way to the Prague Fringe, can be found from www.myspace/davidrynhart. Check out McCarthy's poems Criticism of the Dead and God Closing his Hand and have a listen to Connolly's She Makes me Want to be Clean on his YouTube spot. Check out their fixture lists. They might soon be coming to a place near you. If you live in Bishop Auckland, Inverness, Dublin, Galway, Glasgow or New York one or more of them is/are.


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