Monday, 26 January 2009

haiku moments (13) and 3rd haikutrio

Today was a bright, fresh, welcoming day and therefore ideal for some outdoor exercise. The following haikutrio describes the poet's run: slow start to gradually warm the muscles; faster bit in the middle; and then the gradual slowing down near the end of the run, near a small car park where walkers set off and return, where paths converge and one returns to 'civilisation' as it were. Today's route was about 8 kms.

early runner
on woodland trail
drawn out by sunshine

rock 'n roll beat
through the walkman
the tempo runner

end of the trail
bootprints pattern dried-up mud
assortment of soles


  1. Sunshine... Ah! I've had to do most of my running before sunrise recently, and it's been foggy most of the week. I did get out in the sun on Sunday - 8 miles over the tops. Very good for morale.
    All those bootprints petrified in the mud - very vivid. Reminded me of the Pennine Way. There are places like that writ huge, with the odd lost glove or balaclave thrown in.

  2. Dominic, the sunshine was such rare event recently it inspired the verse. Today it snowed all day. But, tomorrow 'could' be sunny. If so, a run in the snow and sun will be on the agenda. I envy your 8 miles over the tops, I'm nowhere near that level of fitness. Mind you I was injured for 3 weeks in January (something in my calf popped, it felt like somebody had shot me in the leg)) anyway seem to be ok now, so making another attempt at a 2009 start...hold your thumbs, as they say here.

  3. I can sympathize - injuries are very frustrating. Seen the film, got the t-shirt, etc. No problems here at the moment though, touch wood.

    "Hold your thumbs" is an interesting expression. Is it accompanied by a gesture (e.g., clenching fists with thumbs under fingers)?

  4. I've got two drawers full of t-shirts. What colour do you want?
    They are in all sorts of condition from falling to bits to never been worn. I only know one person who actually holds his thumbs as you describe when he says it, but I think he got the habit from me because he laughs every time he does it. He's a runner too.


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