Friday, 6 February 2009

Gibbous Moon

This night my gibbous moon
hangs in the mist
his bone bare skull
with silent scream

his gaze peers down
to me from hollow eyes
and with his open mouth agape
as if in fright
of me
or haloed Venus
bright upon my shoulder
he screams and screams and screams
his lonely silence
and for the present lonely stays
except for human wreckage in
his dusty eyes
and giant bootprints
printed on his silent face.

Gwilym Williams


  1. Thanks John, glad you enjoyed it. It's one of those that 'just came' as I was walking home last night.
    When I say 'just came' I know it's not really that but the result of my subconscious working away in the background as I'm translating the Iron Moon poems. So although it felt as if it 'just came' it was, in truth, far from the case.

  2. Lovely poem Gwilym - I think your comments to John about the poem just coming into your head are true of a lot of poetry. We mull it over and think about it in general and then suddenly it all comes together - in your case with such good effect.

  3. Cathy, it's lovely that you said it TWICE! But I'll leave it on like that.

  4. Weaver, This morning I had a dream that I found a second-hand book titled "100 Poems" in a sale; it was so old and well used that the pages were falling out. Scribbled inside the front cover were lots of autographs, page numbers, notations etc. Then the man said he wanted €35 for it. So, I thought that's a bit too expensive so I didn't buy it. But now, back in the 'real world' I think I should have bought it. It was only dream money I would have been parting with.
    This is an example of what's going on inside our heads, stuff that 90%or more of the time we are totally unaware of. Nothing 'just comes' really.


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