Saturday, 7 February 2009

Kerouac haiku, amazingly illustrated

kerouac5.jpg (image)

A wonderful piece of work from see haiku here. Please take a look. You may also visit the frequently changing pages A-Z LINKS (in PiR's alphabetical sidebar).


  1. Entering "Jack Kerouac" in the PiR search box will bring up an interesting piece titled Haikuing Around With Jack Kerouac. Enjoy!

  2. Do you have access to The Times? There is an interesting article this Saturday about poetry translation and the annual competition. There are some lovely translations - but not a patch on yours in my opinion. Hope you can get hold of a copy.
    Thanks for the Jack Kerouac link - love his stuff anyway. Shall visit when my hands warm up a bit - have been blogging in the chilly hall way for half an hour and am frozen, so off for a cup of tea. Wish you could join me - I am sure we would have interesting conversations.

  3. Weaver, Hope your hands are now warm again. Hot cup of tea is just the job!
    Thanks for the info. I'm now working on poems by various poets, some not so well known, for the competition. I've read quite a bit of Spender, including a very good book about his pre-war time in Germany.

  4. Interesting. I knew nothing about Kerouac and haiku. Funnily enough, I was reading about Ginsberg's "American sentences" (17 syllable poems) only the other day, and I'd never come across them, either.

  5. Thanks Dominic. Yes, I've heard of these Ginsberg 17 sylb. things. But I haven't looked into it. Not yet anyway!!!


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