Monday, 23 March 2009

Irish impressions

Scribbles from Ireland on miscellaneous bits of paper. How many will be found in the inefficient fruit&veg box filing system? Who can say? More will be added here as and when they are uncovered and rediscovered.


white and silvery
and whispery reeds
in hollows


is a town of pubs
and wild Irish women
with warm hearts
and big smiles
bursting bright-eyed
from energetic shirts


There's always time
for a Guinness
when the time
is 10 minutes slow!


  1. Effective cameos all. I like stories about towns of the Dublin clock kind!

    I was told about and later saw for myself how on the walls of Derry there is a row of canons pointing out to sea. They have now been rendered useless by the building of a bank. They now aim across the street into that building's upper windows, as I remember. Strangely appropriate.

    You've got me thinking I'll have to look out my few Ireland inspired poems.

  2. I particularly like that middle one - such good imagery. Have only been once to Dublin - took a friend in the early stages of dementia for the day - by plane from Leeds/Bradford - had a splendid day - saw The Book of Kells - worth going just for that. Thought Irish men in Dublin were lovely - so charming, such gentlemen - holding doors, smiling, saying nice things - must go back there one day.
    Like the Galway one too - have been to that area for a bit longer - I think you have captured the quality well. Get cleaning out that orange box is all I can say.

  3. These are wonderful! Keep them coming.

  4. That was like finding a treasure trove in your fruit & veg box...

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes, there is more Irish cameo to come IF I CAN FIND those scribbles. I'm 99% sure I haven't thrown them away. The search will go on later today.
    A lovely and timely story from Dominic about the big guns facing the newly built bank!

  6. Interesting to read, PIR, since I'm Irish. Good impressions - hope to see more soon!

  7. What a coincidence, Barbara S. I've just found more notes. Tidying up has benefits. I'll post them asap.


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