Tuesday, 24 March 2009


...is the name of a new PiR blog. It's in the A-Z LINKS >> under S for Shakespeare!


  1. This looks like it's going to be fun. Whatever they say about sleeping dogs, we shouldn't let sleeping poems lie. Get them out there in the sun where we can all enjoy them.

  2. P.S. In lieu of trawling through waste bins try http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/the_tls/
    I don't think the entire TLS is there, otherwise why would we bother paying the astronomical subscription fees, but a good amount of it is.

  3. Speaking of Shakespeare, I am just reading Bill Bryson's book on him - quite amusing and also quite informed. At least it is not a wad through intellectual turgidity.

  4. Weaver and Mairi, many thanks for the info. The Bard's "a colossus", as Rowan Williams, said of R S Thomas. I must now look out for Bryson's take on WS. Sounds very entertaining. I read BB's Complete History of the World almost at one sitting. By BB I mean B Bryson not B Bardot. Although her version would be readable too.


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