Friday, 23 October 2009

the bronchial laughter

the penny-arcade clowns

the mallards in the reeds

// >°) ///// (°> //// >°) //// (°<


  1. Oh Poet - you do not need to justify yourself to me - i love your poetry (especially today's) and think of you as "in residence" in cyberspace (sitting on a cloud) - I can assure you that the image I have of you "out there" is a flattering one!
    Love the new header - I feel it is a Welsh seaside town but can't really identify it - I shall plump for Aberystwyth.
    Interesting the origin of carrot. If you are correct in its derivation then you have found the first flaw in this new Thesaurus as that is where the information came from. Nice to have youblogging regularly again (I presume that running takes precedence and that now the weather has worsened).

  2. Weaver, You are almost right about the photo. It is in Wales but it's not Aberystwyth. It is in fact a picture of Tenby which was taken by a friend of mine on holiday there some 3 years ago. I have a winter chill at the moment, so that's why I'm doing more writing and blogging. The only thing running is my nose.


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