Friday, 23 October 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Poet in Residence?
A: Gwilym Williams
Q: Who appointed Williams as Poet in Residence?
A: He appointed himself.
Q: Wasn't that presumptious of him, taking a prestige title like Poet in Residence?
A: Not really since there was no other blogger blogging under the banner of Poet in Residence. Williams was the first poet to think of the idea.
Q: Who then gave him the authority to be Poet in Residence?
A: Blogger gave him the authority and also the space to do it.
Q: Why did Williams decide to call himself Poet in Residence?
A: The world is full of Poets in Residences. Some are better and some are worse than Williams. Williams resides in a residence. He is an original and investigative bard curious about the world in which we move and have our being. It would appear that he has the ideal qualifications.
Q: Does Williams get paid for being Poet in Residence?
A: No.
Q: So why does Williams do it?
A: If I really knew the answer to that one you may be sure I'd tell you.


  1. You have been on a mission and I appreciate all your efforts. Poetry needs persons like you for its survival.
    R K

  2. Thanks fellow poets

    the mission continues ...



    ('> >°)!

  3. A very interesting and probing interview - think you've shed new light on a mysterious subject there...

  4. Bless you Niamh, I shall probe on, a moth in the attic ...


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