Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Reach down with soft words

The world is entering aftershock. The whole tragic episode is almost beyond human comprehension. Many innocent children are included in the death toll; they have been killed, it will be said, by the hand of providence. Perhaps many more children will die as the struggle to save lives goes on. We must believe that there is some rhyme and reason to all these child deaths. This is known as having faith.

The island today known as Cuba was in the Pacific Ocean a long time ago, before Central America even existed. Cuba is slowly moving north-eastwards. Such is the power of Nature.

The children in the photo live in Vienna, Austria. The city of Vienna, on the north side of the Alps, has recently strengthened its inner-city building regulations. There have been two minor earth tremors in the area fairly recently.

Reach down with soft words

Suffer little children
to come unto me.

Thy will be done.

Thy will be heard
over the sea-waves and the aftershock waves.

One brother wants to know
Was there a choice?

And if there was a choice
who chose?

He gives the pink pill
and tells her to sleep.

Reach down with soft words.


  1. We've dealt with earthquakes on PiR before - see Pope and the Nature and State of Man via PiR's searchbox. Many are looking at it.

  2. The scenes of suffering and aloneness in Haiti is too disturbing to be poeticised, even if I did compose a couple of haiku to record my feelings.
    I wonder what will happen if there is an earthquake of 7+ magnitude in Dhanbad. People are so corrupt and selfish, I'm afraid I will die of restlessness only.\
    R K

  3. Yes RK,
    there are many "corrupt and selfish" people. So what should 'we' do? I need a long time to think.


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