Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Genteel Messages for Art Sparker

The reason for this picture has to do with an Art Sparker (see A-Z Links >>>) book themed post.

Genteel Messages, ISBN 978-1-906357-17-7 consists of 40 of my earlier poems. The 54-page book was published by Poetry Monthly Press (5.25p & pp) in June 2008.

To my surprise and delight it was selected for a 1st place in the Purple Patch Lists: Best Small Press Individual Collection 2008. The book continues, even 2 years on, to keep its place in Poetry Monthly's best-seller list.

Reviews can be found at The Recusant and Pulsar websites (see A-Z Links >>>). The project was a learn-by-doing experience. I was persuaded to undertake it to mark my 60th year.

Would I write another poetry book? At the time I said I wouldn't; but now I think, why not?

I recall that R S Thomas was writing some of his best poems at the age of 80. If I can emulate him there could be two more books to come. Three collections, three decades? Not out of the question.


  1. Thanks for posting this, I will link. The graphic artist in me appreciates your cover design.

  2. PR - just linked the post, the problem appears to be resolved.


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