Friday, 5 February 2010

One Old Lady

One Old Lady

One old lady all alone
Without a cat or telephone
Sitting in a house that's cold
Doing nothing - growing old

Waiting in her coat and shoes
For dad to come to mend the fuse
Sees the snow outside is deep
And starts to rock herself to sleep



  1. Rhyme, once the first skill a poet set out to master, is something that really has fallen by the wayside and it's a shame because it has power if handled well. It also helps if the subject matter is appropriate to the form as this is. This is the kind of poem my mother - who was an old woman for quite a long time - would have, and indeed did, write. Short, simple, to the point. I like it.

  2. Thanks Jim. I can't help wondering if you still have your mum's poems. Gwilym

  3. Jim, for your info,- entering 'Bukowski' in the PiR searchbox will bring up 7 posts.

  4. My mother never showed me any of her poetry when she was alive. We found two old school jotters after she died and my wife made them up into a chapbook so my siblings could have copies. If you want to read a couple of verses you can find them in my post Richard Brautigan, my mum and I. Down the bottom of the post is a poem I wrote about my mum after her death.

    Thanks for the info on Bukowski too.

  5. Thanks Jim, you are very kind. I'll take a look. My mum does watercolour painting but her eyesight is failing, perhaps she can now become a poet too!


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