Friday, 5 February 2010

ceci n'est pas une pipe

ceci n'est pas une pipe

this is not a milk jug
this is not the wind
this is not a valise
this is not a bird
this is not a horse
this is not a clock
this is not a smack in the face
of bourgeois understanding

this is not a poem



  1. This is hardly a reply G. Very clever.

  2. Magritte's owl is a clock with no hands. His world is fascinating.

  3. So many people have got themselves into a tizzy over what art is and what poetry is that it's almost easier to say something's not a poem because what can they say to that?

    Nice. Cute. I would have written that. Kudos for getting there first. I'm a lifelong fan of Magritte's work.

    You might like Mark Young's site. I'm not that crazy about all his poems but I've seen several Magritte paintings there for the first time.

  4. Thank you Jim, I'll take a look at the Mark Young link.
    I went to a terrific 'Magritte & The Key to Dreams' exhibtion some years ago, and so my interest.

    'Every painting should have a poetic title.'(RM)

  5. Jim,
    I enjoyed my visit to Mark Young's site. Thank you for alerting me to it. I shall enjoy exploring it.


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