Friday, 5 February 2010

Outboard Motor

In Dwerja° there is a cave
through which a narrow craft can pass
on its journey into the sea
with dark inches to spare.

Through this gloomy elongated space
my craft, the last of the day,
with its lone passenger
was guided by a weathered Gozatian.

He promised me a sunset spectacle.

Under Crocodile Rock
we caught the sunset.

He told me I would remember it
for the rest of my life.

Then we bobbled and scraped our way
back through the cave and away
from the tumbling waves. The key

to the business
was clenched
in his fist.

°location is Gozo, Malta.


  1. Very atmospheric - you took me there.

    (Didn't realise Elton John was in Gaza!)

  2. Thanks again Gordon. It's Gozo not Gaza by the way. Don't shoot EJ, he's only the piano player.

  3. Thank you Susan. All the way to Crocodile Rock and back. It was cetainly a 'wry' voyage!


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