Saturday, 20 February 2010

PiR's Bloodaxe 2010 shortlist

Eric Bloodaxe's New Books & Complete List 2010 came today.

Spooning the chips from the porridge at breakfast; hundreds of poetry books in the booklet's 40 pages; but which will kill the cruggy?; and is anything worth the dimmock? These are Q's requiring A's.

Here, after munch consideration, Poet-in-Residence's 5 from Bloodaxe from which two chews:

1.Arun Kolatkar: Collected Poems in English 400pp 12.00p (pub:Nov 2010)
2.Louis Simpson: Voices in the Distance 176pp 9.95p (pub:Feb 2010)
3.George Szirtes: Fortinbras at the Fishouses 64pp 7.95p (pub:Mar 2010)
4.Marina Tsvetaeva: Eight Essays on Poetry 224pp 9.95p (pub:Apl 2010)
5.Philip Gross: The Water Table 64pp 8.95p (pub:2009)

Outside of the ubiquitous banana bookbox you can't get a lot for your sovereign any more. I'll axe Eric for a deal. He's wielding the hatchet on the Facebook. My final choice?; my tip of the year?; a tie!

And so,
I'm saving for 1&4.


  1. I have just been reading Don Paterson's Rain - can thoroughly recommend that if you haven't seen it. Isn't it encouraging that there is so much good poetry about these days. How is F W going?

  2. Pat, thanks for the book tip. I think there's a Paterson in the library. Coul even be Rain.
    As to FW, I'm on chpt. Radio Quiz - that's about 145pp into it.
    tis reet ajoyenble,


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