Thursday, 18 February 2010

Finnegan & Roddy Doyle? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Accordion to Ruddy Doyle's sinfamous particle über alles James Joyce, a resident of Fluntern Friedhof Zürich, preblushed Graunaidwise some 6 Auld Lang Synes ergo Hugo never got beyond the page tri of the Finnegan. Ha! Ha! Ha! Doylie Rod pull the otherone with the dingdongsong.

The Poet-in-Residence masshedge blesssaid Rude is that ewe sheepish of the Wake take it a baait kerrrnot swerviously. Loosen up yer Oylecan. It's only yer original Ha! Ha! Ha! A Punchintheyellow & Jewdie.

mind your hats goan in!
you prominently connected fellows
of Iro-European ascendances
and welldressed ideas
and mind your boots goan out!

sniffer of the cobwebcrusted corks


  1. At last, somebody speaking a language I understand - well - nearly!

  2. Ah, jinksy, you mean about the wine bottles? Cheers to you! gwilym

    Thanks again, John (and there's another one laid by the Accrington Brickie at long last!)

  3. Oh dear! I can see that JJ is getting to you - I knew he would.

  4. Interpreting, I take it Roddy Doyle has not read the complete works (or holy scriptures or whatever).

    Honestly, I'd be more enthused about reading Roddy Doyle than James Joyce.

  5. You are quite right, Weaver! There's distinctly a brush of green about the place.

    Sparker, in an article in The Guardian. Doyle came down on Joyce but admitted he'd read only 3 pages of the Wake! So much for a book reviewer.
    My dear Weaver of Grass has 2 pages! So she's as qualified as Doyle to give an opinion.
    Dominic Rivron has read all 600+ pages. He's the 'expert' for me! I trust DR's opinion more than RD's.
    But on the Wake it's like being on the Titanic sailing out Cobh near Cork,'s going to be heavy seas and every manjack for himself...

  6. I wouldn't describe myself as an expert. I never got past page three of Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha. :)

  7. Dominic, I know an expert when I see one
    you'll do for me.

    I'm just cutting out the next batch of bookmarks...

    Ha! Ha! Ha!? - I never got past the cover.


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