Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Reading Finnegans Wake

After the recent visit to the grave of James Joyce (see post below this) and the Zürich James Joyce Foundation it is for this Poet-in-Residence a case of now or never.
With a little help from Dominic Rivron I'm to read the book. And so I may be in absinthe from time to time. BUT DON'T PANIC! Leave that to me!
They say it is impossible to read the damned thing. And they say Rivron has read it a hundred times, or at least his mother says so. Forward then I go to Eve and Adam's armed with wallpaper scissors, sheets of cut-your-own bookmarks...and the bold intention to provide progress reports. Any fool can do it!


  1. Rather you than me! I have never got past page two, and that was a gigantic effort.
    The moral of all this is never mention James Joyce - if you get Dom on the subject you can't get him off it.
    Thanks for the poetic comment - 2.99 for red roses just about sums up Valentine's Day and all the rubbish associated with it. Give me the farmers hazel catkins anyday/

  2. Hello Pat,
    Och Aye John,
    in warrior streamlike state I do grobe, stunkle, brend, duck, sklash and even mildly swerf, and I must say it helps to do it loud when nobody's to be distrubed - my funsound happroach may be uninportent - as how and then a glasp or several of the gold porter shtout shtall helpsh the magickal medishun man gore drown -
    to spree or not
    to spree
    thjat is the quest
    as the red admiral sped to the generAl

  3. I should set the record straight here. I only read it once.

    It is not impossible. I think (I've probably said this before) it gets taken too seriously when in fact it's a funny book!

    Your attempt is giving me the itch to have another go... Perhaps...

  4. Go for it, Dominic! Hup boys and hat him!
    (now on p54)


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