Monday, 31 May 2010

Ode to Larry Dugan

Ode to Larry Dugan

Shall I turn my best side
and look lively to Dublin
my long-haired
long-nosed chum
or shake a loose leg
for a loose-coated game
or stay where I am
and play the loose fish?

In my Lombarded-fever
shall I play the lounge-lizard
lousy with money
one who finds the needle
in the bottle of hay
or stay where I am
and care not a louse
to be down on my luck?

In lumpish Dublin mood
shall I stop up my lugs
and peer down my nose
and into my glass
when the dogs leap the stiles
or shall I sit here a while
and lay down the lore
with Larry Dugan's wax°?

°Larry Dugan was a famous Dublin shoe-shine man


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