Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Deuce to pay

Deuce to pay

Break out the devil's books
And deal the devil's playthings

Spread out the devil's dozen cards
On the table where the players are blind

now devil take
now devil snatch
now devil fly away with thee

one pulls the devil by the tail
one whips him round the stump

The devil's bones rattle in the cup
There will be the deuce to pay



  1. This reads like a blues tune. I like it.

  2. Yes Mike, I can see how it would play ... it's easily set to a tune. You may freely abuse it at one of your concerts with my blessing, if you wish.
    Best, Gwilym

  3. Clever little poem Gwilym - nice to have you back in blogland - when I returned from Italy and you were still absent thought you must be doing a lot of running. Would love you to be on the Poetry Bus next Monday when I am driving - have posted the challenge today. Best wishes.

  4. Hello, Pat.
    My dad's brother was a bus conductor on a double-decker. He reckoned all that running up and down the stairs kept him in trim, which it did until the bus crashed and he wrenched his neck and had to retire.

    Hope your bus has better luck.

    I can't write to order but if I'm suitably inspired I'll try to jump aboard.

  5. John, I was impressed by your dead snail in the wrecked house haiku. Have you ever thought of sending some haiku to the website of the Japanese Asahi newspaper in my A-Z Links? I sent them 3 haiku last winter and they used two of them.
    Best, Gwilym


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