Tuesday, 20 July 2010

the cross

tells where you are
in space and time

the two lines
are endless

for time has no beginning
and no end

and space has no beginning
and no end

and where the lines cross
is where you are

at this very moment
that is already past

for the point is fixed
and yet always moving

hanging on your neck
it is invisible

you can never nail it
down no matter how

you try



  1. Thats it...You nailed it, i'd say :)

    those who keep trying only fail to live a joyful life, I guess,

    Good one, Gwilym :)


  2. I also beg to disagree! you really nailed it in one. Thankyou.

  3. Hm!
    Quite right Gwilym - by the time you have thought about the moment it is past.
    My father used to quote (don't know who)regularly 'Today is the tomorrow you thought about yesterday) - your poem reminded me of that.

  4. Devika, as ever :)

    Gerry, many thanks, I apprecaite it.

    your father may have been thinking of those signs you see in pubs: FREE BEER TOMORROW, if he was anything like my father and my grandfather that is...

  5. you are obviously conversant with Heisenberg's uncertainty principal - you can know where you are or where you going but never both together.

  6. Hi Gerald, In my case it's from the ancient Celts (or probably even back before then). Somebody ancient somewhere drew two crossed lines in the sand to illustrate the point about space and time but unfortunately I can't remember who. The original cross and it's meaning is important to hold on to. I thought I'd resurrect it.

  7. Wonderful how the word nail, which we inevitably associate with the christian signifance of the cross, is tossed off here, as if to signal the way the entire piece works on two levels, as both a spiritual and a philosophic meditation. Thanks for switching to my new address.

  8. Thank you Mairi - I got there pretty quick didn't I?

  9. A poem to ponder, methinks...


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