Wednesday, 21 July 2010

International John Lennon poetry contest

This is a free to enter poetry competition to celebrate the life of John Lennon. The competition is being organised by The Beatles Story museum in Liverpool. The final judge will be the UK's poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy. There are various categories but the one that concerns Poet-in-Residence readers is the category Paper Poet. Poems must not exceed 40 lines and may be submitted by e-mail. Full details including downloadable Terms & Conditions can be found by clicking BEATLES STORY in A-Z LINKS >>>

The closing date for competition entries will be 10th September 2010. The first prize in the Paper Poet category will be 100 GBP. Selected poems will be published in a Beatles Story anthology. Competition winners will be announced on 6th November 2010. Donations from the event, which will include live poetry performances in Liverpool during October/November, will be made to the Linda McCartney Centre.


  1. Interesting - might enter. One can always listen to

    for inspiration!

    (Just thought you ought to know your link has a glitch in it. It takes you to the non-existent

    So this bit:

    wants cutting out).

  2. Thanks Dominic and good luck if you enter. I'm entering a poem too. There's a nice bronze of John Lennon near the entrance to the airport departure lounge at the airport named after him at Speke, Liverpool.
    Thanks for spotting the glich. I've changed the link as you'll now see to make it easier for all concerned. I haven't mastered the other method yet. But I'm working on it :),

  3. The actual link you want - direct to the competition is this

    40 lines of rhyme - don't think I'll bother.

  4. Gerald,
    I think (hope) I really they don't mean rhyme as in rhyme! I'll emali them and check.
    Ican't imagine Carl Ann Duffy judging rhyme somehow.
    Thanks for the link.

  5. INFORMATION FOR GERALD and other contestants:
    Poet in Residence has just received an email from the organiser of the John Lennon Poetry Comeptition: There is no rhyme requirement.
    "Mortified" by his mistake, he has deleted all references to rhyme.

    Gerald, you may now enter a proper poem. Good luck and thanks!

  6. Oh Gwilym - it takes me all my thinking power to catch the poetry bus every Monday - but thanks for the info - if Dom sends one then at least there is something from Yorkshire.

  7. Thanks Pat. By the way, for Dom, I think the Wiki photo is perhaps from the 'Montreal Bed-In' which I've just watched on You Tube. All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance was, in my opinion, a major factor in ending the Vietnam War. That's the power of song, the power of poetry!


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