Tuesday, 13 July 2010


In the very the beginning, before God, before anything, there was nothing
nothing that is except one black hole
one black hole full to the brim with nothing

and everything that was to be
was in the hole

and then slowly, so slowly at first, the hole, for want of balance,
began to gently wobble and wibble, the wobblewibble became an uncertain spin
slow at first, and then as the spin gained an unstoppable momentum it became faster and fastre and ef..s...wokijadvex...juoijikloop..,bwong hopola,, and got very warm under the collar
and suddenly disintegrated into induty non-existence
with an Almighty non-BANG!
that you can still not hear today
as dark and distant hummmmmbrummmmmmhummmmm...
or as a cathedralorgan wrmingupa on a dayofrets
or as a groan of wind pipes blowing over a pyramoidail sand dune on a redandrusty plaent orbiting a simliarsun in a smiliarglyxaly farararawaway
soon to be thy nxt OHMbase unless belief-contro-wise
and wherefore and therefore you may now tick the box that applies to you

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  1. Oh brilliant!
    As I changed to this site I caught sight of The Accrington Brick - am off back to investigate. Will return!

  2. Jejeje!

    Now the black holes are filled by government debt!

  3. Pat, you've just exceeded nall known bounds: "Oh brilliant!" is the comment I shall take with me to the grave. Whether it be right or wrong matters not. With two words you've just made the last 3 years worthwhile. And an old man very happy.
    ps- JC's wonderful poem coming soon. See footnote to the Poetry2010 icon.

  4. Gordon,
    with your "Jejeje!" you've made me happy. See me dance in galactic clouds !

  5. I particularly like the bwong hopola at the beginning of the universe. I'm listening very carefully for what I can still not hear. Some day...

  6. Thank you Gerald. I hope you slept particularly well.

    It's a nightmare what's going on on 'The Bridge'. When I was over for my mum's 90th in June I had to go from John Lennon airport to Runcorn via Warrington. Complete snarled-up traffic chaos! And now, I've been told that plans to build the much needed relief bridge alongside 'The Bridge have been scuppered. Gerald, we never had such problems in the days of the Transporter Bridge. Is this progress???
    All the very best,

  7. Thank you Mairi. There's a lot of good reaction coming in. So I guess that PiR's "bwong hopola theory" about the creation of the cosmos must be as good as anybody's. Nothing hidden up the sleeves. No mirrors. No rabbits in hats.
    best of bardic,

  8. I soooo to totally love this,
    (did I write that?)
    I have worked and worked on this concept, it would make a great chain mail poem, whatever that's called, lets do it! see my entry sunday June 16th. I think it's expansive....

  9. Dianne, are you sure about the date? I see 18th, and 13th but no 16th.


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