Sunday, 11 July 2010

the book is full of words...

arranged conveniently in lines of three
from left to right and topside-up
and all those words want me to read them

in my bed or with my breakfast
or through the windows to the air
or out of sight and such of mind:

carp in the pond
glide under the water-lilies
- slowly slyly muttonous



  1. Muttonous is how I feel and so many books I've never yet read, where to start? Why bother?

  2. Thank you TFE.
    Is it better to have a few books and read them all rather than lots of books and only half-read them? I really don't know.
    But, like many people, I definetly fall into the second category. I'm a sucker for bananaboxbookbargains - but I'm determined, determineder, determinedest to finish Thomas Bernhard's "Correction" which is what I'm currently reading.
    Best of bardic

  3. I have reached the age of resignation wherein I read a book only if it insists that I read it. Does that put me in a third category?

    Fine Haiku.

  4. Dave,
    if I may say so, you're in a category of your own. Well, we all are really, aren't we? Or, at least, we should be.

  5. lovely.

    though I resent that you made me look up "muttonous"

    I'm a first category man, to a fault. the current pynchon may break me, though.

  6. cc, i was broken once - by bend sinister - i mean really broke

  7. I think I could drop the verband get away with it. What do you think John?

  8. probably but I like it as it is

  9. thanks john, in that case I'll keep it as it is!


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