Sunday, 11 July 2010

Swizzle Stick Philosophy

things are

as they are

& this the essence

According to this week's Poetry Bus rules my words should be on the picture. Well they are, aren't they?

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  1. Hit me with your swizzle stick.
    Hit me! Hit me!
    Je t'adore, ich liebe dich,
    Hit me! hit me! hit me!
    Hit me with your swizzle stick.
    Hit me slowly, hit me quick.
    Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

    (With apologies to ID).

  2. What a driver!

    I'm glad this is only a pretend bus. I feel safer now.

  3. I tried to post this comment on Bard on the Run but it wouldn't let me (said I had to be a "team member"? Haven't seen that before):

    Groin strains are xxxxxs! I still can't run without the risk of aggravating it - and it'll soon be 10 months. (I'm 52). The only exercise I've found that doesn't affect it is, as I mentioned before, cycling. I think this is because a simple groin strain is -I think- an adductor strain. I'm no expert, but I think the adductors keep your feet pointing forwards. On a bike your feet are firmly on the pedals and so your adductors don't have a lot to do. Best of luck with the poles: will it reduce the stress on the adductors (if indeed that's the problem)? - I wouldn't like to say. I certainly get a thrill from off-road cycling - I can get up and down rough tracks on hills on the mountain bike. It's not quite running, but I'm determined to enjoy it!

  4. Dominic, it was a temporary block. Usual blog-nuisance promo-stuff. I've now taken it off again.

    I'm looking forward to getting back on the off-road bike. Unfortunately it's not here. I'll have go and fetch it. It's great fun to rattle along the forest trails; these tend to be reasonably dry and not too steep.

    I think the walking sticks (or treking poles) are good in that you seem to use different muscles, or same muscles in a different way, from normal walking. The groin seems reasonably OK in the mornings and gradually makes its presence felt later in the day - depending what I've been doing.

    But as you say, it's a long job. I was silly to do the race with it. But then there's no fool like an old fool :)

  5. You bet your words are just where they should be ~ on that rather amazing photo!

  6. Thank you Helen. And, you know, what's behind that small picture is another story ...

  7. I think the words are in the swizzle stick. Great photo.

  8. Words 'on' the stick are no swizzle!

  9. Gwei Mui - yes, it's a great photo - she's over 90 and he's just got his first teeth.

    Jinksy - he's doing his best to lick them off, or at least lick something off - apple juice probably :)

  10. And the very essence of concise poetry. This prompt really has brought out the innovative!

  11. You're not wrong, Peter.

    We shall circulate the hat for the man at the wheeeeeel....

  12. It's easy to be wise after the event - and hard to think straight when they happen. My groin "went" when I was out running. I kept trying to run on it, thinking the pain would go away. Very silly. It didn't. I kick myself now (or would, if it wouldn't set off my adductor muscles). If I'd just stopped, I can't help feeling it would have taken less time to heal.

    The worst things for it I found are any awkward, side-to-side movements (e.g., like when you have to negotiate "z bends" around furniture).

  13. I see the words in the three generations of hands here. Lovely!

  14. HiJeanne Iris! That's his real life great-grandma he's sharing his cocktail with! He can also play the piano.


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