Thursday, 22 July 2010

Man With Many Faces

-"he being dead yet speaketh"
from spirit to Kate R Stiles -1891

Over the northern border
Man With Many Faces
is granted asylum.

Man With Many Faces
claims to be the keeper
of the proper path.

But Man With Many Faces is only
the jumped-up son of Jumping Bull
and a coward to boot; an enemy
of progress and a rabble rouser

and worst of all
a Savage.

The Chicago Daily Tribune
has a point of view. It costs
5 cents.

Now we are coming
to the end

of the Old Time



  1. Enjoyed this. Liked the variation in meaning of "jumped-up son of Jumping Bull" and the challenge to the reader: is it the paper or the oint of view that is 5 cents?

  2. Good poem. Sitting Bull as archetypal "awkward squad" figure, victim of the things that are always said of such.

    The world would be worse off without the awkward squad. We are always coming to the end of the Old Time.

  3. Thanks Gordon and Dominic,
    SB is I think a most suitable candidate for the post of archetype archfiend, or the square peg that refuses to be rammed into the round hole. We always need them to justify our actions. In these sitauations newspapers, TV,radio, may be used to tell us what we should be thinking.

  4. Don't really want to come to the end of the Old Time until I am sure that the New Time will be any better.


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