Friday, 23 July 2010

Homer & Alexandrine

The poet mustn't use every trick in the old books time and again. The poet should sometimes devise new tricks. How else are we to make progress?

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Homer & Alexandrine

Outside the resort Terza Rima
I met Homer and Alexandrine,
they had metaphored down to the strand,
quatrain in the air, he stressed a feminine

ending and pointed his iambic foot,
he was an anapest not to be beat,
then it was back to his stanza
for lines of trochee and to see the sonnet

set down, he enjambed his dactyl pentameter
but used a spondee to block verse, I must
acknowledge the fact, for many a scholar
turns out his yoked zeugma and inconsonantly

rhymes with dactylic cesura and metonomy;
an heroic couplet they made!



  1. For so many poets writing these days all of these could be regarded as new tricks.

  2. Oh you are so right Jim. I'm reading John Barth's 'Lost in the Funhouse' (short stories) at the moment. I'm desperate for a new voice, one that I can relate to, I'm running everywhere. Barth (LitF was pub. 1963) is not exactly new as it happens, tho' he is new to me.
    Good luck with your new book. I like the new look of your website.

  3. The jabberwock discusses poetry. Very clever. Yoked zeugmas especially so. What happened to your followers widget? I wanted to sign up with my new

  4. Lovely to have found you! Best!

  5. Hello Mairi, re the followers widget I'll try and find it :) and as for yoked zeugmas , well...

  6. United World Poets thanks for your visit and comment, and pleased you like the site. It's a work of passion.

  7. Imola thanks for the visit and also for the comment at Shakespeare's haiku.

  8. Thanks Rachel. It was also fun to do.


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