Monday, 16 August 2010

the old choirboys

- God has no address

under the tree's whisper
the walk terminates and
the old choirboys stand as a group would

and with tight lips
and lines they talk around
to the finer points of canine

and other domestic
and equally pressing issues

a recent hair in the soup
and how one of their number
spilled the beans

then someone sniffs
and someone swallows hard
- someone else has coughed



  1. I was in a church choir as a teenager and this resonates. ...not so much with my conversation but with that of the older elite members of whom I was in awe!

  2. Thank you Gerry. I'm pleased to have captured the mood. I was a grade C- rated singer at junior scholl and was politely told not to sing but to silently move my lips. I retired early.

  3. A great sense of reunion that leaves you wondering about those beans!

  4. Thanks Dominic, As you see in this case the cliche is OK. It can be so.

  5. Circling around something here.

    What's in the middle, I wonder?

  6. what's in the middle?
    we can ask the whispering tree or maybe one of the boys will tell?

  7. This paints a lovely picture Gwilym.
    Lovely to have you back in blogland - I have missed you.

  8. Thanks for those lovely words, Pat. By the way, Tess was only doing what comes naturally. She's a dog after all, and those other animals, well they are rabbits.


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