Wednesday, 18 August 2010


an 'overlap' for Samuel Beckett and George Szirtes


In the barley and malt
in the drollery of life
in the profit to be found
in the mysterious depths
of the Irishman stout so it is
in the shadow of the Magyar
upon the steed of the Puszta.

I quaffed one to the other
and pondered deeply on it all.

To the donkey pickled and salted
salami conditi
to the pleasure of the porter
you were a spicy delight!



  1. "in the drollery of life"

    A place I know Well! I'm quaffing...

  2. Hello Jinksy,

    "I'm quaffing..."

    Guinness and Hungarian salami, a tasty combination.

    The poem's form has to be 13 lines. The unwritten last line, in my case, shall be droll.

  3. Hi Jinksy, I've just done an online edit as is my wont, it's much improved.

  4. Interesting coexistence of writers; even some likenesses in image.

  5. It is Gordon. Maybe I will puruse the theme. I could perhaps try it next time with Robbie Burns and Wm Shakespeare, using the two photos in the margin. What "coexistence" might they produce? We shall see.

  6. Is Hungarian salami really made of donkey?

    Sorry about my poems - will try again.

  7. Salami was made from donkeys in the days when Hungary was populated by many donkeys and it was said to be an extremely good salami, in fact it was the best kind of salami.
    Hungary is also famous for having the best garlic and also the best goulash. The Hungarians have good wines too. The west of Hungary along the Austrian border is a great area for cycling, walking, bird watching, sailing and swimming. And it's all not very expensive. Blimey, George, I'm doing Hungarian Tourism a good service!

  8. Beer and salami, drollery and mysterious depths. I quite like this (Beckett too; I'm unfamiliar with Szirtes).

    and I didn't know salami had been made from donky bits. I suspect I'll remember that.

  9. You have your Oort Cloud and I have my donkey salami. It's a peculiar universe in which we have found our place.


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