Saturday, 17 July 2010

Poetry bus, once again in space

For me, the weekly Poetry Bus challenge is a welcome break; a measure of light hearted fun and banter. Last week I contributed a haiku about a UFO. For this week's challenge, which is to write a humorous poem or a poem about unrequited love, I've remained with the heavenly bodies, as you will discover. The limerick form seemed appropriate.

An astronomer from Rangoon
Pointed his telescope to the Moon
He then turned it on Mars
And the Milky Way stars
And then on a room in Kowloon


  1. Hahahaha! How very true to human nature!

  2. You have managed several things which I admire:
    firstly the actual limerick itself - I find them terribly difficult to write. I did think of the limerick as a good example of comic verse, but I just could not write one.
    secondly you have managed to combine wit and an unspoken degree of what I can only describe as 'naughtiness' - I love it.

  3. Hee hee, I come from a long line of limerick writers. My uncles would love this.

    word verification, BTW, uncicky

  4. aaack, where is the Poetry Bus Website? I have one....

  5. Hi Dianne,
    If you go to 'Weaver of Grass' (there's a PiR link >>>) you can then link from there to Totalfeckineejit's blog. He list's the bus drivers for the weeks and months ahead. I'm just a humble fare paying passenger.

    ThePoetry Bus departs every Monday. Some of us get on early. Your poem is your ticket.

    Climb aboard you lady from the long line of Limerick coomposers :)!

  6. Argent, what would I know about human nature, I'm only a computer :) oh, thanks for inviting us aboard your bus
    best regards,
    gwilym's fingers

  7. Weaver, thanks for all those lovely words :) 'naughty but nice' you say, just like something - a cream (or chocolate) cake!

  8. Very clever! I have a weakness for limericks, and this one really fits Argent's bill.

  9. Gerald, not as much as your chicken on ice made me laugh :)
    Dominic, thanks!

  10. :D :D
    Zoinks...Brainy Brainy...
    5 lines n the humor is dancing inside out...
    Too good.. :)
    Limerick it is...

  11. Limericks are always fun for writer and reader!

  12. Thanks ET and jinksy, much appreciated!

  13. I had a telescope as a teenager but was wary about using it in case the neighbours thought I was spying on them! Very cleverly done!

  14. Peter, I watched Patrick Moore on Sky at Night for many years and I was always a bit worried about him, the fact that he had one eye more or less half closed the whole time, which unfortunately put me off getting a telescope, as I thought I'd end up with a squint.

  15. Nice punchline PIR.I likes it!!
    Weaver sums it up nicely.

  16. Ya-ha!
    There once was a poet in residence
    whose limericks never made sense
    until he espied
    the neighbor's bride
    and his heart scrambled over the fence.

  17. EO, thank you for your limerick reply , I'll come over and look at what you've got.

  18. Not a harmless hobby astronomer, Titus?

  19. Love this limerick, PIR. Thanks for placing a smile on my face this rainy Monday.

  20. Ooh I love limericks! This one was great! I'm going to have to try to write one the next time it seems apprporiate.

  21. Hi Bug, hanks and good luck with your limerick!


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