Saturday, 17 July 2010

slugs recycled

two overblown slugs
reluctant to leave
stayed under the apricot tree
when the kindly sun rose
to ripen the fruit

and the quicksilver rose
in the tube by the door
they were cooked
on their silvery trails
grilled to black crisp
on hot stone

in the hush before dawn
more slugs crossed the lawn
and recycled the dead
a la carte

the apricots blushed
where they lay



  1. Some interesting imagery here and plays on words. I like the use of overblown. Of course it immediately made me think what an underblown slug might look like.

  2. Hello Jim, there's an interesting and enjoyable poem today from Gerald England on one of his several blogs. Poem is called Chicken on Ice. I told Rachel Fenton about it. You could also could get to get to it via my 'Recently Updated Blogs' feature if you wanted to read it. I'm no computer nerd so can't think of an easier way to come to it.
    cheers, gwilym

  3. Very fine and interesting imagery, Gwilym :)


  4. Thank you, Devika. It sounds good. I must read it myself! :)

  5. Down with slugs- says I! Any which way you like... boiled,fried, chomped or splatted!


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