Monday, 5 July 2010

R K Singh's Threat & Empty Shells

Poet-in-Residence is awaiting a review copy of R K Singh's Sense and Silence; a volume of collected poems. It promises to be something special; perhaps even a landmark publication in the genre: English poetry written in India.

Meanwhile for our consideration - THREAT and EMPTY SHELLS.


We chase myths in self-made Amazon
fish turtles that change colour in new waters

we create landscape of nightmares and wade through
anacondas that threaten our confidence

lost in jungles of our own making
we beat about the thorny grasses now

look for the twin flames for convenience
cloud judgement and reality for control

challenge the Republic and divide
the defence that could never be


Walking along the beach
they collect empty shells
that fascinate senses
in the salty air

feel the life now no more
but argue about the sex
of a conch ignoring
the fishermen's song

R K Singh

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