Sunday, 29 August 2010

Poetry bus drummer

This week's Poetry Bus Challenge has to do with our early memories of school. On reading Dominic Rivron's poem I was reminded of a one and only performance of a primary school orchestra of which I was a member, our average age was about 5. In limerick form here's the tale of one unfortunate drummer and his teacher.

a music teacher (first grade)
gave instruments out to be played,
one boy banged a drum: TOM! TOM! TOM! ...
bashed holes in the skin with aplomb
until the teacher cried STOP! her nerves frayed

but not to be defeated she fished around in a large box and after some minutes the problem was solved:

the drum was removed from the band
and the answer appeared in her hand
a triangle instead
'now hit it gently' she said
and with a smile she regained her command


  1. Frayed nerves is a well-known by-product of teaching, especially where infant bands are concerned. I know, I have been there, done that and got the frayed nerve-ends to prove it.

  2. Teachers are tougher than that! LOL :)
    I'm not sure I have your email, so forgive this going here - every word of it is true...

    Holiday Jolliday

    Blogese is a language that's growing,
    almost without Gwilym knowing
    why a word he invented,
    though not what he meant, is
    suddenly doing the rounds!

    To noyder (a verb) is such a good word
    as are nedglim, and flenny and loopig
    they seem to be spreading
    like confetti at a wedding,
    with magical speed that astounds.

  3. Oh the memories of the reception classes floods back!hmmmm.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments and especially jinksy for the double-limerick, which inspired me to reveal using the same modus the true-life solution to the teacher's dilemma.

  5. I loved playing triangle! It must be a teachers godsend during music based lessons :-)
    nice bit of writing!

  6. Love the smile in the second half!

  7. the watercats,
    yes the traingle is a teacher's godsend, and

    Rachel, it's of course her smile of final victory!

  8. Somewhere there is a photo of me at the age of four playing triangle in the Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Day Nursery.

    I do not remember having had a drum taken away, though.

  9. Now I know why I was always handed the triangle.

  10. What fun! Who'd be a kids' music teacher.

  11. Thank you for all the comments.

    Pawtucket Day Nursery sounds like a great place for a child to learn to master the intricacies of the triangle.

  12. I can just imagine an orchestra of 5 year-olds! Ouch.

  13. Fantastic! I'm delighted the kid had such ham fisted fun with the drum!

    Please tell me he cracked the triangle?

  14. Thanks Nanu, TFE and Karen. Your visits and comments are much appreciated!


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