Tuesday, 16 November 2010


One click on the yellow star and you'll find a lovely selection 20 poems free to print-off. Yes, the Poet-in-Residence Poetry Twenty-ten Project is now completed. My thanks to the following contributors and also my thanks to those who sent poems that were unfortunately for one reason or another not suitable for this particular collection.


Fog - Joan Cairns
Old Fox - Gwilym Williams
Summer's End - Annie Kerr
At a Loss for Words - Zaina Anwar
The Hardy Thistle - Pat Thistlethwaite
In cozy illusions - R K Singh
Transience - Zaina Anwar
Snow - Pat Thistlethwaite
Celebration - Joan Cairns
Heptonstall - Joan Cairns
Diamond - Gordon Mason
Witness - Gordon Mason
Our voices break too - Rachel Fox
Snapdragon - Alan Morrison
It took a long time - Evelyn Holloway
Extra - Pat Jourdan
the echo of stillness - Marja Blom
Indulgence in Dance - Marja Blom
The Last Days - Dominic Rivron
Tangerine Season - Zaina Anwar

Any author in the above list who feels so minded may obtain from me a second-hand poetry book by way of 'payment'. I have a couple of boxes crammed full of poetry books collected over several years (mainly reviewed for New Hope International & Pulsar). Details of how to obtain your free book are published along with your poems.

In the space at the top of the first of the 12 pages you may draw, scribble, print or stick your own suitable title or icon for the collection. In that way your personal copy will be unique.

It's a publishing revolution! I've titled my copy Electric Lambs. It's from the poem 'Celebration'.

With best bardic wishes,
Gwilym Williams


  1. Yaaayy! Thank you so much, Gwilym, for including my work.


  2. About to set the printer into action!! Looking forward to turning these pages. Thanks again for including one of my poems. Ax

  3. Thank you very much, Gwilym, for including one of my poems in your selection for 2010. I feel honoured.
    R K

  4. Yaaayy! It would be a good title for your copy of the pamphlet Zaina.

  5. Annie, thanx, enjoy your "large glass of wine" and the poems

  6. Thanks you so much for the honour. I stil can't believe it.I am going to print it straight away and make it into christmas present. You have a fantastic Christmas too. Arohanui Marja

  7. Thank you Marja - can you please check your poems for any typos before you print them off for presents - I wasn't sure if it was "fir" or "fire" - I imagine you making a suitable snowy design for the header,
    best wishes

  8. Baaa from this electric lamb!

    Slainte, Gwilym.

  9. Baaa to you too, Gordon.

    It conjours up a suitable image that phrase 'electric lambs' from Joan Cairns. I think she's my oldest active poet at 89. And she knows a lot about the sheep of the Dales.

  10. Dear Poets, I have sent my thanks to Charles Christian at 'Ink Sweat & Tears' and David Pike at 'Ligden Poetry Society (Pulsar)' - both editors have agreed to mention "your" collection on their websites.
    They are always on the lookout for fresh talent with something to say!


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