Monday, 15 November 2010

Song for a film

for the world's political prisoners

shooting sprees
and bitter tribal fighting

the disappeared held captive
in underground jails

today with modest splendour
they killed another man they didn't know

and only one voice
that of the oldest there
was raised in protest

on the mudflats of an estuary
in a blinding rainstorm
a ragged man in shackles
is tried and shot in secret
by the moral guardians of a state
in failing health
and dying of complications
its land reduced to smoking ruins

firemen play their hoses
on the people
the spin on the story
ringing in their ears

another shot dead
in the back of a car
the remote village
in the mountains

an old man hanging from a tree

when dusk falls
the scenes take on an air of beauty

of spiritual renewal
an occasion touched with magic

tomorrow's news
the official statistics
the death toll of bigotry



  1. Wonderful! I really enjoyed reading this..

  2. Great poem, Gwilym..."for world's political prisoners" - took me to y'days news of the release of Aug San Suu Kyi,

    perhaps its better i remove the rest, :)


  3. Thank you Zaina and Devika.

    It was as you may have guessed the news of San Suu Kui's release that inspired the poem. But as she said in there are still 2,000 political prisoners in her homeland.

    And that's just one country.

    best wishes, gwilym

  4. Hey Gwilym, thanks for dropping by. I have sent you two more poems for poetry twentyten. Check your mail. You can print whichever one you like :)

  5. Zaina, Thanks, and again for the 2010 poems. Gwilym

  6. Grim, but true. Great images in words.


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