Sunday, 26 December 2010

Another World Cruise

Along the Coast
She docks to refuel and so
We go ashore, Parrots in our Hats,
And in our Alligator Sneakers

We amble to the local Store
For the Ivory Chess Pieces;
A Staunton Portfolio
For withstanding Mammoth Shocks

And other Ploys
One may surely depend on;
Leopardskin Gloves
And Silver Fox Stoles,

And for Nights at the Opera
The Snakeskin Purses
Bought along a Coast

Where a Tiger slept
On a Palace Floor
And a Grandmaster moved

Bishop b4

Ambition, greed, insecurity, xenophobia, war; the game of chess has it all. Just like real life.


  1. Have you ever read the novel "Eight" - can't remember the author's name - it is an involved world journey with a chess undertheme.

  2. Gerald,
    'Eight' is a new one on me.
    I think I once read a short story called 'Chess' by possibly Stefan Zweig.
    Many years ago I wrote a story about a chess game with a chair that tipped the loser into the deadly cellar or something along those lines. It must have been a really terrible effort. I can't even recall how it ended.


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