Monday, 27 December 2010

King & Castle

War declared
The White King
Hopped into his Castle
And sent his Knights
Into the foray

Pawns on both sides
Bravely sacrificed
Themselves and fell
Before diagonal Bishops
And long-striding Queens.

Both Kings played
A similar game.
Being the name
Of the game.

In Chess a King is never
Killed. Surrender stops
That fatal blow. And that
Being so they now rearm.
And so it is the game goes on...



  1. Chess - the perfect metaphor for so many things.
    Here's wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. Hope your expected present from Santa materialised.

  2. Hello Pat, Santa was as good as his word. It's an amazing gadget. I put paper in and a photo comes out.
    Wishing you a happy healthy New Year, especially so after your recent tribulation.

  3. Even in my little world, where there is no televison, no newspaper, no radio, and no news on my homepage, I hear rumblings from the real world that sound a lot like your chess game. Kingship, in its many guises is based on the idea of immortality, but the transition from one incarnation of power to the next is always dangerous.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Mairi,
    thank you for your insight. My combatants have now entered the 'Opening' phase - as it is called.


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