Saturday, 22 January 2011

blue shifted

a few
hundred million years
and the spiral arms of andromeda
will reach out to embrace the milky way
not everything is red shifted
blue danube waltz at 100 kilometers per second
and the gap closing
you have been warned!


  1. Like it! I often wonder what effect the collision of galaxies actually has on planetary systems in the galaxies themselves. Any?

    As I type I'm listening to Mark Anthony Turnage's Hidden Love Song. I didn't know it. I'd just been reading about his new opera and got googling:

  2. Thanks Dominic, I must have been uploading the NASA image when you left your comment. It's a good one.
    Will have a look at Turnage later. Being pushed out the door for jog :)

  3. I don't expect to be around to see it happen.

  4. Ok Pat, but if you are don't you say I didn't warn you


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