Friday, 21 January 2011

About a birth

from The Book of Songs

The mother had fulfilled her months,
And her first-born came like a lamb
With no bursting or rending,
With no hurt or harm.
To make manifest His magic power
God on high gave her ease.
So blessed were her sacrifice and prayer
That easily she bore her child.
They put it in a narrow lane;
But oxen and sheep tenderly cherished it.

c.900 B.C.
from Origin Legend of the Chou Tribe.
trans: A Waley: Chinese Poems (Unwin Paperbacks)

So what's behind this 3,000 year old story? Well, the woman's name was Chaing Y√ľan and she was a pious woman who worried that she might be childless. She sacrificed and prayed. One day she trod on the big toe of God's footprint. She was accepted. She got what she desired. Deserved.
In reverence and awe she became with child. The child's name was Hou Chi.

Were there any angels involved? Not angels exactly, but once it happened that the child was placed on some ice by a woodcutter and many birds came and warmed the child with their wings.

Hou Chi grew fat and tall. He had a loud voice. He was heard far and wide. He went to live in T'ai; the area where his mother came from. There he planted many seeds. The grain grew thick and sprouted ears. It was firm and good. Far and wide Hou Chi's seeds were planted and harvested. God on high was pleased.
wiki-image: Persian miniature - mother with baby Isa

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