Friday, 21 January 2011

The downfall of Gnome

Gnome presents an inflated girth
His belly wobbles with jolly mirth
And the sun bakes the bread in the earth.

Gnome sends a man for the Silver Cloud
The classic car of which he is proud
A thin brown boy is wrapped in a shroud.

Gnome in the Roller - increases the rents
Tenants fall behind - irregular payments
And the rain - it falls in ceaseless torrents.

Gnome sets sail for a Cayman port
His luxury yacht is his liebling sport
The glacier melts in the ski resort.

Gnome builds a massive ark for the flood
Farsightedness is in Gnome's blood
Millions drown in a sea of mud.

Gnome rescues ten or twelve bars of gold
Locks them in the strongbox in the ark's hold
And the sea level rises as it was foretold.

Gnome and the family sit down to the feast
Under the table some crumbs of hard cheese
Millions go hungry to the south and the east.

A thin brown rat crawls under Gnome's door
And runs to the cheese it sees on the floor
- The ark tips up and Gnome is no more.


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