Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Let there be light!

Of Electrical Knowledge

On the trees

there were hanging pears
which glowed with light
many hours of light
per precious fruit
or at least there were
until the banker whispered
in the grower's ear
"with inferior fruit
on tangled trees -
3 times less juice
will bring us ease!"
This light bulb scam, when the life of an average light bulb was found to be too long and was consequently reduced almost overnight from 3,000 hours to 1,000 hours, took place not long after the invention of the electric light bulb and involved all the world's major light bulb manufacturers. It illustrates an international manufacturing policy which is called 'Design to Fail'. For example there may well be a computer chip in your inkjet printer (placed there under a pretext) that will cause the machine to fail on the appointed day.


  1. Posting this poem brought forth an internet advert for "discreet delivery of super seeds" - clearly we live in a dangerous world on all fronts - everything from nuclear energy to gm crops grown secretly!

    Can we reclaim our planet? Or is it already too late?

  2. At present Gwilym I think it is too late - in a few weeks time I might get back more optimism but right now things go from bad to worse on all fronts.

  3. Thanks Pat. The lunatics may be running the asylym - but in truth hasn't it always been so?

  4. Technology brought these to us. We are lucky to have these products because it is really beneficial. It is hard to work with dark environment.

  5. modern outdoor lighting is good because it doesn't waste energy sending most of its light into outer space but it points it downwards onto the street where it's most needed.

    would the simple expedient light switching off the world's millions of traffic lights blinking relentlessly on and off during the nighttime save some energy

    waste not want not
    and don't design your products to fail


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